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Youth for Peace and Equality (YPE) works on local, national and international levels, our projects are based on non-formal education and informal learning, mostly focused on human rights education and democratic citizenship. 

Our projects mostly concentrate on Human Rights Education for Transformative Action.  

Transformative actions focuses on understanding own lived experiences of being marginalized from economic and political power. We believe that there’s a need in today's youth of developing a critique of social/political realities – “critical consciousness” (by Paolo Freire) – and becoming engaged in change towards social justice. This is not just learning the laws, it’s using human rights to be able to look at one’s reality to critique what’s happening and realizing that you are being denied those rights, that are inscribed. We believe there’s a need for human rights education that is not only about the documents but it’s about our lives and realities and it also involves taking nonviolent action.


We also believe that art offers a brilliant medium for human rights education, it has always been a key towards development. It’s our firm belief that art is a universal language, capable of delivering messages about equality to any member of society. Art can be perceived by anybody without the necessity of having any university degree, social status or salary. It is a bottom-up approach in education, not just about terms, laws, rights and media but about what matters to youth, their lives and struggles. We believe, there’s a need to integrate arts, performance and creative expression in human rights education for transformative nonviolent activism. What particularly has interested us is graffiti and street art, we believe it’s a very vehicle medium to deliver youth messages to streets, to neighborhoods, to urban communities.


Youth Workers' Mobilities

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