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Youth Workers Act and React

Here you can read about some highlights of our Youth Exchange! These activities were planned and organized by the youth workers, who participate in the project #Art4HRE. You can also use below described exercises anytime if you're interested or invovled in human rights education and youth work.

Border game - where 8 persons represented border officials and 4 members entered the room as observers. the rest of the participants had a role of refugees. Main purpose of the activity was to analyse the problems of refugees and migrants that try to cross the border. Simulation was very intense since the refugees were trying to cross the border and the border officials doing their best to correctly pick the asylum seekers.

The next session was called “Where do you stand?”. Participants were taken outside in the yard and were offered 2 choices, “agree” and “disagree”. Facilitator of the activity read the statement or asked a question, after which the participants decided on which side to stand - rather to agree, or not. The activity has caused a huge discussion as the opinion of the group was mostly divided into two parts. Mainly the statements were about social and political rights and its importance in the modern world.

During the art session, participants were given one and half hour to create art that would be somehow connected to defending the human rights - rather by singing, creative writing or dancing. A couple of participants also shared their own stories within the video. That had a huge emotional impact on the process and was followed with productive discussion.

World cafe - this activity aimed the participants to remember the definitions of important words such as: racism, homophobia, sexism, stereotypes and etc. Overall there were 8 groups, they switched their places in each 10 minutes, discussed the words mentioned above, one by one and expressed its definition through art. After this they presented their work within the group.

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