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Youth Exchange kicks off in Bansko!

The second phase of the project #ART4HRE - Youth Exchange in Bansko is in action! Participants has gathered in the beautiful city of Bansko. The program was fully planned and is being organized by the participants.

Participants of the YE are youth workers and young leaders from Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Netherlands. The project aims to train the youth workers as trainers for human rights education who use creative expression, arts, non/formal education and informal learning as a tool to empower youth and embrace them to human rights to transform the society.

The first day of the youth exchange was dedicated to the getting to know surroundings, each other, and team-building activities. In the evening, participants had a short training about Human Rights, as such.

Activity called Fair Talk was very much enjoyed by the youngsters! Participants were divided into country groups. Each group had mentors to give people information about human rights situation in their country. After 10 minutes people were changing ‘’countries’’ and had possibility to hear about human rights situation in different country. After this activity participants were aware of human rights situation in 8 European countries. It was well rated by participants and some of them referred to country presenters afterwards to discuss cases of human rights violations deeper.

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