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Tsakhkadzor, we are coming to you!

In the middle of September 2019, young people from Armenia,

Georgia, Finland, Bulgaria and Moldova gathered in the Armenian town called Tsakhkadzor, to have an Erasmus+ youth exchange under the long scale project MAKE EUROPE HATE-FREE AGAIN, or as we call it MEHFA.

The activity is aiming to give the knowledge and understanding of Human Rights Education to young people, with its objectives of:

  1. Raising Awareness of Human Rights;

  2. No Hate Speech Movements;

  3. Using the Badgecraft System for validating the learning outcomes;

  4. Using art of Video-making for Human Rights Activism;

  5. Promoting the tolerance as a value of modern society;

This Youth Exchange is fully planned and lead by the participants of Training of Trainers under MEHFA which took place in Bansko, Bulgaria 8-16th of May, 2019. Young leaders from the partner organizations also went for the fellowships in Alternativi International and SONDIP to get to know how the youth work is done in those countries and gain the competences of leading/facilitating non-formal activities and creating the learning plans for youth.

The youth exchange vol.1 will continue for 8 days and will involve 30 participants!

Stand by our leaders and send your support to us!

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