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What are we bringing home?

Lets have a look at participants overall feelings after the project:

"New facts from different countries‚ cultures, theoretical knowledge, improved communication skills and new methods for working with youth in terms of human rights."

"Enhanced knowledge on human rights, good friends from different countries, creative peaceful home environment."

"Knowledge that we are still very far from our goal of being hate free, and that this work is important everywhere. But in addition to that, I've learned to make my goals into baby steps, and adjust them according to the target group."

"Lot of the exercises and workshops tools. Patient to teach others and listening skills. I also learn more terms in English that i can use in own workshops."
"For my first project like this i really liked it. I learn a lot about myself, about different cultures and people. I got new contacts that will be useful in the future of the field of human rights."
"Open-mindedness, tolerance, creativity and new ways of expressing myself, I'm bringing new knowledge and skills and with my team we're gonna do a follow-up activity. "

"Badgecrafts - At the beginning I didn't like it, because it was pretty new for me and had many questions, but after this I liked its idea."
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