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Story of our volunteers at TSU

On the first weekend of December, Nana Burtchuladze, Qeti Murgulia and Tornike Budedashvili, our volunteers have implemented a training course for students to sensitise them about hate speech. The main topics of the training were hate speech, human rights and feminism.

2nd of December started with an introduction to No Hate Speech Movement, followed by a session about gender and sexual orientation, after what the participants were introduced to basic terminology, followed by a discussion about Open and Closed societies, social exclusion and Inclusion, xenophobia, stereotypes, sexism, patriarchy and misogyny.

On 3rd of December, the participants were introduced to factors influencing relationship, attachment styles and the abuse in an Intimate relationship. The trainers have demonstrated Six Roles in oppression, followed up with an activity about the roles in oppression.

In the end, the group talked about Feministic Movement and the seeds of Feminism in Georgian culture.

After the sessions, the participants gave their feedback, received the Certificates and reflected about how they will use the gained competences in future practice.

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