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Reconnecting, Mapping, ARTiculating

#Art4HRE project group is reunited once again in the beautiful village of Sleen, The Netherlands. We're having the evaluating seminar in here. Objectives of the seminar are to document, evaluate and disseminate intermediate phase activities and plan the follow up projects together.

After the youth exchange in Bansko, participants in country groups conducted series of educational activities back in their countries. Surely, the sessions were concerning human rights and human rights education. Presentation of the outcomes, succesful ideas, challenges of the intermediate phase activities was the main topic of today. In the group of trios, participants wrestled the roles of a facilitator, resource person and a reporter.

Role of the resource person - sharing the flow and results of the follow up activities, outlining the key points of the sessions.

Role of the facilitator - asking questions to clarify potential issues and to make sure nothing relevant is left aside.

Role of the reporter - documenting the key findings, impacts of the activities held, collecting the presentation materials.

Then, the roles were swapped between the participants. Therefore, everyone had a chance to be on each position.

Later, participants in country groups summarized their activities and visualized them on the map of Europe. See the amazing results below!

#HumanRights #ErasmusPlus #Art #Seminar #Netherlands

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