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"MAKE EUROPE HATE FREE AGAIN" is a long term project under Erasmus+ Ka2 programme - Capacity Building in the field of youth.

With this project we want to create a new online tool which can be actively used in human rights education. Our aim is to amid youth work entering digital dimension by creating an educational instrument like - badging system for human rights education.

We believe young people should be approached locally by youth centers and youth organizations, thus our aim is to give capacities to them (inscribed in CoE Charter on Education for Citizenship and Human Rights Education) by training the youth workers as trainers for human rights education who uses creative expression, arts, non-formal education and informal learning as a tool to empower youth and embrace them to human rights to transform the society.

The objectives:

- To equip youth workers with knowledge in human rights and democratic citizenship;

- To develop critical human rights consciousness in youth workers and educators directly and their peers indirectly;

- To give training competencies to the youth workers and educators to have thorough knowledge and understanding of the discipline’s objectives and principles and appropriate teaching and learning methods.

- To develop new bottom-up approaches in human rights education and education for democratic citizenship;

- To bring online dimension in human rights education by creating a tool to educate, validate, recognize and reflect on the learning - to create a badge of Human Rights Ambassador (to give a better understanding visit the following link, it’s an example that we have developed last year with our partners, but only piloted:;

- To identify effective methods to increase youth participation and enchant young people with human rights;

- to strengthen respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in youth and empower them to become active democratic citizens who stand up for human rights;

- To further the activities of partner organizations aimed at the creation of a culture of peace, based upon universal values;

- To proliferate the practices of using arts and online badging system in human rights education and have a long-lasting impact.

The project will last 17 months and 10 activities will be implemented under it!

Stay Tuned!

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