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MA4 Training Course

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The whole project envisaged creating an exemplary practice of synergy between non-formal and formal education systems and principles in terms of human rights education and education for democratic citizenship. The training course aimed to equip participants with the democratic culture competencies, give them tools for analysis of needs, change their attitudes on their roles in citizenship and help them to better understand the non-formal education. The methodology of the project was based on a pedagogical basis of human rights education (values clarification, open-ended learning, learner centredness, holistic approach, experiential learning, participative and co-operative learning). The content of workshops was focused on democratic culture competencies and framework, Council of Europe and European Union policy work and contents on education for democratic citizenship, youth work methodologies and tools, need analysis tools and more.

The aim of this training was to:

  • raise the qualifications of professionals working for and with young people in the framework of democratic culture competencies

  • support entrance of non-formal education and youth work practices at schools through building the capacities of youth clubs - “Civic Clubs” , create synergies between formal and non-formal education and support the sustainability of youth work as an extracurricular activity at schools.

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