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Local workshops before COVID19!

by Veaceslav Bessarab

In total, 7 trainings were held on the topic of “Hate speech” on the next days:

  • 17.02.2020

  • 21.02.2020

  • 27.02.2020 (two sessions)

  • 07.03.2020 (two sessions)

  • 11.03.2020

In every session took part at least 20 people.

Each training began with an energizer. The trainers used such energizers as

  • “Samurai, Grandma and Dragon”,

  • “Can I see your funky chicken?”,

  • “Stone, scissors, paper”.

During the warm-up, the guys got excited, so many of them asked to play again. After warming up, all the participants introduced themselves to each other.

Afterwards the trainer himself introduced himself and told

  • why he had gathered the participants here,

  • what they would discuss in the future,

  • shared the experience gained in MEHFA & Erasmus+ programme.

Trainings were held under the name “Two women photo”, which was held earlier in Armenia.

Two photographs of women were shown to the participants in turn. Participants had to answer 6 questions from the beginning about one woman, and then about another.

The questions were of the following:

  1. “Where did this girl come from?

  2. How old is she?

  3. What are her hobbies? Is she happy?

  4. Does she have a job?

  5. If she has children?"

Participants answered questions on photographs as they thought two different girls, but in fact it was the same girl just in different images.

After answering the questions, the trainer collected the answers and, together with the training participants, compared the answers. By comparing the answers, participants could notice how certain stereotypes influence us when drawing up opinions regarding the other person and his past. The discussion led to the fact that stereotypes and prejudices about other people can interfere with our acquaintance with other people and affect our lives.

After that, the participants were asked to draw up definitions and to identify the difference between the words:

  • stereotypes,

  • prejudices,

  • discrimination, Participants were shown presentations with various memes on the topic of stereotypes about different nationalities.

The participants sat together and discussed them with each other, and later talked with the trainer about how social networks can be used to promote tolerance among the population.

Further, was proposed to talk about cases of discrimination experienced by participants. The trainer shared more details about the exchange in which he participated with photos, as well as told how to take advantage of such opportunities and encouraged young people to engage in social activities.

In the end all participants sat in a circle and shared their impressions/feelings about the training session, what they liked and what they did not.

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