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Happy Planet 👽

Imagine the planet where there is no discrimination, hate speech. Everyone is living happy life without frames, fear and danger.

Imagine that this planet exists and you can go there, you can run from your reality and go to place of harmony, place of constructive critic, dialogue, empathy and equality.

  • Would you do it?

  • Would you apply for the visa to Happy Planet?

The day on youth exchange in Tsakhkadzor started with Happy Planet activity. People got their role cards, judges took their seats and the process began.

Everybody was thriving to get the tourist visa or a permanent residence on the planet but judges were strict and direct, asking questions to make sure, the new residents deserved the place on Happyland.

  • Why do you want to go in happy planet?

  • What is are your hobbies?

  • Lifestyle?

  • Cannot you live in harmony here not leaving your places?

There was a lot to process and think of.

And just a thought that we could live like residents of happy planet, does not make it worth a try?

The aims of the activity were, to:

*go out of the comfort zone

*make decisions fast

*think of borders, its cons and pros.

*break stereotypes

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