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MAKE EUROPE HATE FREE AGAIN - is a long-term project, now we finished the second part of it - the job shadowing. The project took place from 01/06/2019 to 09/06/2019 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. During a job shadowing project or an observation period carried out within Erasmus+, a person working in youth field acquires knowledge and experience during a stay abroad in a partner organization. The general aim of this type of projects is to exchange good practices, acquire skills and knowledge, and build long-term partnerships between the participating organizations. Altogether, 6 people took part in the project. In Blagoevgrad, we had so interesting working days. We carried out some workshops for Youth exchange's students.

We also visited a public mediator of the municipality of Blagoevgrad. The meeting included these issues which are provided for the project. We visited organization - Humans in the Loop- which is a social enterprise that provides training data to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence companies. we have been informed about the problems of the refugees in Bulgaria. We met with director of department of Youth field of Erasmus+, we talked about young people's participation in youth projects. And also, partly we've induction to future plans. We visited organization- The infinite opportunities association. Which is an NGO established at the beginning of 2010 that is committed to youth work, active citizenship, promotion of non-formal education and encouraging young people to develop their social and creative potential for a better future for everyone.

In my mind this project is really great chance for developing your skills, to get the knowledge, which you'll share with your friends, colleagues in your country. When you are part of this project, you have chance: to reflect on the learning outcomes of the previous mobility activities and examine it into practice; to discover the best practices of using art and digital technologies in anti discrimination and No hate speech field; to get involved in the activities conducted in Bulgaria and gain hand-in-hand experience with youth projects and also, to give space to discover and discuss effective and innovative ways how and where to use the art and digital competences combating hate speech and discrimination.

My expectations are too big for the project's future activities. I think from these activities, I'll get quite a lot of information and experience.

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