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Action for Reaction: Accomplished!

Our group really enjoyed Haiku workshop which took place in Bansko, Bulgaria! Haiku, as an artistic expression which can be used in human rights education was first presented during the 1st phase of the project #Art4HRE. During the session participants were asked to write sentences/poems about subjects. More then 50 haikus were created during the session and most of them were directly connected to HR.

Last activity of the day was creation of art. Participants had to choose any form of art and had to create some peace of art which would be connected to human rights. As results show participants are full of creativity. A lot of topics on human rights were highlighted and used during this session, most of the people choose photography as a way to express their ideas.

23th of April was the final day of the second phase of the project #Art4HRE. During the first session participants were divided within 4 groups. Before it they had the task to answer on several questions regarding human rights violations from their life. How did it affect on them, what it was and etc. After this participants created posters about it and then shared their story and poster within small groups. Some of them remained anonymous and preferred not to reveal their names.

The outcome was amazing, participants were very open and discussed their story’s freely. It was followed discussion within whole group about their emotions and the effect of the activity.

The last activity of the day was evaluation. It took different forms – statements (agree-disagree), evaluation papers. Participants mentioned that the activity met their expectations and they learned more about human rights. They are going to implement activities within their countries about human rights.

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