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Our partners

We are proud and delighted to have worked or be working with our partners in Georgia and across Europe.

Shokking Group Norge - Norway

Shokkin Group Norge based in Trysil, Norway is part of the network Shokkin Group International, and is a newly established non-profit youth organisation.

Shokkin Group Norge is working for and with young people. Their vision is to develop the young people to become active, entrepreneurial and innovative citizens, both locally and globally. Shokking Group Norge tries to give the young people the motivation and inspiration to be involved in their local communities, and make them aware of the possibilities of their local area. 

Olemisen Balanssia - RY - Finland

Olemisen Balanssia ry is a non-governmental organisation founded in year 2014 in the city of Turku, Finland. The main vision of the organization is stress management for balanced lifestyle. In order to promote people's physical and psychological well-being, it organizes educational, recreational and multicultural activities in the Finland Proper area. Olemisen Balnssia ry works both on local and international level, tries to create a network across Europe to share the best practices, increase the capacities and reinforce the impact.

Armenian Youth League - Armenia

‘’Armenian Youth League‘’ is a non-governmental organization which was established by a group of young people experienced and well recognized in the field of youth work. AYL means a purposeful activity intended to resolve youth problems and to seek to create favorable conditions for the formation of a young person and his integration into public life, as well as an activity, which has the purpose of achieving understanding and tolerance of society and individual groups thereof towards young people. Our aim is to engage and develop Armenian youth to positively impact the world, promote open youth to youth communication. 

TEMIDA - Georgia

Association's mission is to empower LBT women and support LGBTQI people for their self-realization and full inclusion in the life of society. Association's main goals are to create a tolerant environment and overcome internalized homophobia/transphobia in the LGBT community. Association is working in educational and cultural fields. trying to increase civil activism within members.

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