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Youth for Peace and Equality is a non-governmental organization with the mission to promote peaceful and equal society, to empower youth and raise awareness about peace, human rights and gender equality. In order to meet this task the association is implementing the educational and Youth development programs though using different tools such as modern art and etc.

YPE was established in the end of 2012 and it is working mainly in education field with different target groups, youth, students, teachers, internally displaced people.

  • Human Rights Education;

  • Peace-building and Conflict resolution;

  • Gender Issues;

  • Youth empowerment and youth participation;

  • Art and Culture


Youth for Peace and Equality works on national and international level to promote the values of democracy and equality. Our youth workers together with the youngsters actively involved in our organization have conducted various projects together, namely workshops, street art and graffiti art, conferences, trainings and seminars.

We have strong connection with the other local organizations, we fruitfully work to establish modern and open-minded attitudes in our society.

We try to combine art and non-formal education, since we believe art is a unique language to deliver messages. Youth for Peace and Equality organized first international Graffiti project in Georgia and have a good experience using Art and Music as a tool to promote peace, tolerance and solidarity among young citizens.

We work with youngsters with fewer opportunities, the ones facing social, economic and geographical obstacles. Our youth workers are mainly working with internally displaced people, youngsters from the conflict areas. We conduct various projects and workshops concerning human rights, tolerance, no hate speech with and for them. Besides that, our target group are youngsters from the rural areas, last year we have run festival of inclusion, skills and recognition in one of the remote and disadvantaged areas of Tbilisi trying to spread our notions.

We are also quite active on the international level – we try to establish a network across the continent which will aim to promote equality and tolerance. We have conducted various youth exchanges, trainings and seminars together with our partners. Our staff has a considerable experience in creating and managing the projects.

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