Youth Takes the Stage in the Caucasus

Theatre and Campaigning Course

Youth Takes the Stage in the Caucasus is an Erasmus+ (Mobility of youth workers) project aimed at developing youth workers’ competences in facilitating youth-led campaigns using theatre methods. The project `Youth Takes the Stage in the Caucasus` is part of a series of three training courses to be held in the Georgia, Albania and the UK. All three courses will bring together three different groups of participants. This page will be used ONLY for the training course in Georgia, 1-9 April, 2017.

The main themes of the project are youth campaigning, active citizenship, creativity and theatre. This training course will bring together participants from partner organisations in eight countries (Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Turkey and the United Kingdom)

Project objectives:
-To train youth workers and youth leaders in using theatre tools and methods in youth campaigning;
-To develop leadership skills of youth workers, so they can foster a new generation of youth leaders;
-To exchange experience and good practice in youth campaigning tools and methods;
-To develop youth workers’ creativity and artistic skills;
-To increase the quality of European co-operation between youth organisations within the Erasmus+ Programme.

A non-formal education, participatory learning approach will be used, following principles of acting and being an active citizen, respecting individual knowledge and skills, enabling participants to co-facilitate the learning process, sharing creative ideas and information, using art and theatre and campaigning as tools in youth work.