Break the Monotony

Express Yourself through Graffiti

The first international Graffiti Youth Exchange "Break the Monotony – Express Yourself trough GRAFFITI" organised in Georgia by the Youth NGO "Youth for Peace and Equality" with the financial support of European Commission's Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Executive Agency, under the Youth in Action Programme. Kobuleti Municipality provided the permission and support. Venue - Kobuleti, Black Sea Coast, Georgia. Date: 18-25 September 2013. The project gathered 38 young people, professional Graffiti painters, Amateur Artists, Enthusiasts and Art lovers from 6 different countries - Georgia, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Belarus and Romania 🇬🇪🇹🇷🇳🇱🇧🇾🇹🇩🇮🇹. During one-week young people turned ugly, grey and monotonous looking seaside wall into a shiny, colourful and happy spot on the shore of Kobuleti. The photos show young people's creative mind-force can do when you give them right possibility! And more, as all real Graffitists do they left their fingerprint on the abandoned building 

The aim of the project was to promote graffiti as a part of modern art. To raise awareness among the people and in particular between the Youth that Graffiti is NOT vandalism, it is not the way to make buildings and environment look ugly and it should not be misused. Graffiti is NOT vandalism; it is an ART! Also, the aim was to use graffiti as a useful and new tool to promote and make visible cultural diversity among the representatives of the different countries.



- To inform participants about graffiti and graffiti culture, give a short and personal introduction to the art form, subculture and philosophy of graffiti;

- To introduce the art form of Graffiti in a professional way, teach about the culture and to reveal empowering potential of graffiti; - To paint and produce a lovely colourful and diverse murals on the walls making the city more beautiful;

- To use graffiti to spread messages of Youth active participation in social life;

- To promote intercultural dialogue;

- To provide space for creativity of young people;

- To promote different kinds of art and creativity (traditional and modern art);