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Education about/through/for human rights

Training Course in Rustavi, Georgia
Youth Exchange in Yerevan, Armenia
Seminar in Groningen, Netherlands

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#ART4HRE Now Officially Launched!

Participants from 8 countries came to the industrial town of Rustavi to explore the effective ways of using art in human rights education. The project was funded within the European Commission programme Erasmus plus by the National Agency in the Netherlands

The first day was dedicated to painting, as a tool to promote protection of human rights. Before the sessions, participants had a nice walk in the urban areas.

European Convention on Human Rights - Painted

Various drawings were created. Each picture had to be associated with one of the articles from the Convention. As you see, a wide range of issues has been discussed.

Youth workers were working in small, international groups and the process was accompanied by inspirational music in the background. 

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