ART4HRE - Education about/through/for human rights

- Training Course in Rustavi, Georgia;

- Youth Exchange in Yerevan, Armenia;

- Seminar in Groningen, Netherlands.


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#ART4HRE Now Officially Launched!

Participants from 8 countries came to the industrial town of Rustavi to explore the effective ways of using #Art in human rights education. The project was funded within the 🇪🇺 European Commission programme - #erasmusplus by the National Agency in the Netherlands.

The first day was dedicated to painting, as a tool to promote protection of human rights. Before the sessions, participants had a nice walk in the urban areas.

European Convention on Human Rights - Painted

Various drawings were created. Each picture had to be associated with one of the articles from the Convention. As you see, a wide range of issues has been discussed.

Youth workers were working in small, international groups and the process was accompanied by inspirational music in the background.