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The project addresses the issues of poor implementation and policy transfer in Georgia of Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Charter (EDC/HRE) adopted by the Committee of the ministers by the Council of Europe. Project is co-funded by the Erasmus plus program of the European Union.

  • With the lucrative cooperation between Youth for Peace and Equality - youth workers' organisation since 2012 and Civic Education Teachers' Forum - which is one of the fewest NGOs that has an access to the public schools; 

  • With the innovative 1+1 principle, meaning one youth worker works together with one civic education teachers;

  • With the good existing space and resource - "Civic club" - extracurricular non-formal based education club at public schools;

The project envisages to create an examplary practice of synergy between non-formal and formal education systems and principles in terms of human rights education and education for democratic citizenship.

The project spins around Council of Europe's publication "Democratic Culture Competencies" and develops research, studies, intellectual outputs, simulation and educational tools around this publication for young people at civic club. These outputs will further be integrated into the youth work curricula for the "Civic Clubs".

These activities are run by 1+1 duos - (youthworker+teacher) who are getting their competencies from multiple mobility activities - trainings, job shadowings and seminars which are dedicated for their professional growth and high quality youth work.

Lightmotive of this project is also to promote policy reforms in educational and youth areas with information and awareness raising campaign and the conference to support more democratic, open and human rights-based education system in Georgia.

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